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The Subliminal Artist
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Production Of Magic Instruction DVD

Subliminal Artist productions has teamed up with performer Michel Keck and very talented magic creator Ferry de Riemer.
Ferry de Riemer has created well over a 1000 magic effects. Whenever we've met he demonstrated some amazing magic. However he admitted that he's not a really a performer and that he's not comfortable performing in English. He asked whether we could create video demonstrations and performances.

We are currently doing something that is rather unique in the Magic demonstration DVDs. We are actually creating mature performances performed in complete self created virtual environments; which are very stylistic looks; akin to movies like 300 Rising, Big Trouble in Little China and Game of Thrones.
We find that great magic effects should not be demonstrated out in the street or in front of a blend backdrop of a mansion or the kitchen table like most performers do but that something interesting that complements the presentation and effect.

Obviously profits of Magic DVDs are so marginal that we can't even afford creating sets and travelling so we decided to go all digital.

Here a few shots of the current production:


Reviews - Stage Hypnosis Training PDF Print E-mail


  • "The stage hypnosis training of Raymond is superb. I really enjoyed how the day went. Everything was setup very professionally, the location, the food and beverage, slide show and demonstration were all done to perfection. I learned a lot and probably come back again simply because it was a great day!"
  • "I liked the syllabes and I also loved how you presented the day."
  • "I was amazed! This was that little push I needed to start doing stage hypnosis shows for myself and to instill that extra bit of confidence."
  • "Raymond is a very good teacher to be able to teach all this in 7 hours and get to practice it all, is just great!"
  • "You present the course very nicely and I 've learned a lot."