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Raymond will take you on a journey into the untapped powers of your mind.

Whether you are watching his Comedy Hypnosis show or his award winning "Travel Back in Time" infotainment show, you know you will be entertained. More importantly your audience will experience something that is truly unique. His years of experience will leave you impressed and entertained.

The usage of hypnotic language makes the shows elicit some deep emotions. Whether it's laughing at the stars in the Comedy Hypnosis Show or feeling anxious and sad during the award winning: "Travel Back in Time" show. Raymond knows that emotional connection is what drives a show not just the wonderfully amazing feats he demonstrates or lets the audience demonstrate.

All the shows rely on the interaction of the audience, it's their interaction that makes the show a great success.

Some shows can be booked in conjunction this way you get 3 hours of top entertainment at a discounted price because you will buy the second show for only 20% of the price.

All shows are accompanied by sounds and lights to give it that extra dimension and professionalism.