CONCEPT ART: Using our environmental matte painting skills we can produce concept art that shows the director a vivid based on which they can coordinate their people.

We've done concept art for "Life After People" for the History Channel. Which was pretty much adopted as is by the VFX department. With the exception of the hand painted vines which were 3D generated in the final production.



SCREEN WRITING: We mainly assist companies with their corporate or product video's. These companies rarely have a screen writer. Having a properly formatted script according to industry standards helps the director, producers and production enormously. We can format your ideas in Industry Standard Film scripts.

We have written many scripts for: The Next Uri Geller (De NIeuwe Uri Geller), Mind Masters, Ik Weet Wat Je Deed. Fan script for The Goldbergs; that was received with a lot of enthusiasm by the creators.

We can also do screen play revisions, to make a screen play more affordable to produce or more cinematic. This is a service that we usually provide to first time screen writers who want a script that stands out among the thousands of other scripts out there.

PRODUCTION PLANNING: Having worked on several TV shows and feature films, we know which scenes and shots can take relatively long to complete. Especially CG shots or complex lighting shots can take a lot of time. To efficiently plan these with the people involved can safe you as a client a lot of money. Since we from Subliminal Artist Productions have experience in every stage of the production -- non the least from our own productions, we can be the liaison between the executive producers and the people in charge of the different competencies. This way we can plan for the most efficient production.

Especially since Raymond Doetjes (CEO) also: plans, designs and implements software solutions for Giovernments and Banks and has never missed a deadline on his planned projects and only once had a 20% budget (where usually governments and banks have a 100-200% budget overrun). Therefore we know that the Devil is in the details, we understand ever facet of film making so we know when people in charge are over estimating for good reasons or just because they are creating a false safety margin. And in Film every penny of the budget will always be spend because "art is never done" unlike engineering where specs are formatted in a testable and measurable way.


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We speak Dutch, English and German